Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bead Rack

I decided that I needed to make a bead rack for myself for those times when I actually need beads to go with my pendants, and perhaps some other yet to be determined project. Here's a quick photo run of what I did to make my bead rack. There will be a follow up post after I bisque showing what I do with the high-temp wire that I got from the Clay Biz at the Bray.

First, I extruded some large tubes and let them set up, then I figured three of these 8 inch tall tubes would together become one rack. Then I rolled out a slab to give them "feet" because I felt they needed more stability.

Then I pierced each of the tubes in two places so they can each hold one wire set in a triangular shape. I don't know what this piercing tool is called specifically but it's very sharp and great for hole-making.

Then I scored and slipped the bottom of the tube and the top of the foot and applied the tube to the foot with some pressure.

And there you have it, three tube shaped bead rack holders, currently drying and waiting to be bisqued.

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