Sunday, June 14, 2009

Exploration of Form

From the last post you may remember that I've been doing a lot of reading lately, catching up from a stretch of hard labor. While catching up on my reading, I was inspired to give myself the challenge of focusing on a singular form.

The form that I chose to explore is the jug form. I learned to throw this form as a cylinder first, keeping the lip and neck tightly compressed and collared then bulging out the belly and shoulder. What has been fun about this exploration is the time and ability to play with this a little. Use a finger or a tool of some kind to make the belly, working on the shape while keeping close eye on the neck. Some success, some not so much, but unless the piece completely collapsed, I kept it.

Initially I started with very measured weights of clay, 1 lb., 2lb., 3lb., etc. Then I realized this is about exploring the form and all the different things I can do with/to it, not reproducing exact replicas. Then the weight of the clay began to not matter.

The reason I am focusing on a particular form is because I felt I needed to practice patience and focus. My goal is to complete 100 jugs. The side benefit that I didn't consider beforehand is that this is another opportunity to practice pulling handles. I have had little to no success with being consistent with my pulled handles. I find them very frustrating. However, I have to say that I am so far pleased. I seem to have finally overcome the mental block I had against them.

The pictures included with this post are some of the jugs that I have gotten thrown and bisqued. In the middle of this process I got an order for more tiles and bowls, so I have interrupted my exploration, but other than time, I don't think it will have disrupted the process. Of course, time will tell.
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Todd said...

Your jugs look great!! Oh dear . . . . did that sound bad??? Can't wait to see them glazed.
Todd in Santa Fe

Zephyr Valley Pottery said...

LOL, Todd!!! Thank you!

No, seriously, how does one say the word "jug" in America these days with a straight face??

I am going to do several different surface treatments to these babies, so I expect to have a wide range of interesting work when this little experiment is over.

Thanks for reading!

terraworks said...

Shame on you todd! Better he say it then me! HOWEVER your wares look wonderful!

WolfeWoman said...

Handles give a piece so much personality! Great creative exploration.


Hi Page, very nce blog--:)

Jugs look super!

Back in the old days, the 40's and 50's--they used to call a woman's breasts 'jugs'--"great jugs" the teen age boys would say.

Just thought I'd put that historical bit of news in your blog--:)


Oh, maybe we should call the jugs vessels?